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Harness our powerful Ai tool, which will increase your perceived memory, enhance your social ability and ensure you never forget important details again.
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How it works

Edge over

Quickly create secure notes at important locations. On return get discreetly notified on your smart phone or smart watch these important details. You will instantly recall important names and details that will give you a priceless edge over humanity.

Artificial Intelligence Connections

Our powerful Ai software will automatically discover relations in your notes and allow to securely browse related notes to recall forgotten information, all whilst simply glancing at your smart phone or smart watch.

Intelligent Alerts & Notifications

Our secure learning computer model is able to discern how best to alert you about your scheduled events based on various information including. GPS location, current activity, time of day, type of location The alert and notification on your smart watch / smart phone will escalate into SMS messages and snoozable phone calls based on your preference and need.

Integrate artificial intelligence into your life

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